Mishawaka City

The city of Mishawaka is also called the Princess City derived from the daughter of one of the chief long time ago. This city has features that make it one of the cities that is growing in population. People go here to settle for work or to live permanently and grow their family. There are also the ones who like to retire in this city. This has surely made the residents maintain the pride they have in their place.

It is not just the population that is growing but also the investment that leads to the development and boosted the economy of the city which has its own history.

The settlement of people in this place began when they had found out that there are iron deposits in the place during the 1830s. People began to settle in the place and began to let the place become a center for doing business. They have built the St. Joseph Iron Works in the year 1831.

After just a few years, they had already a tavern, general store,  also a blast furnace and the number of the residents reach 200.

The business grows and so they merged with the other towns that are near and they form the Mishawaka in the year of 1938. Even if the place was later destroyed because of fire but they again rebuild it and now it is a city that is full of life. It has its own attraction based on the history and its present achievement.