Beer History

The start of one thing surely had differences as time pass by as there are improvements or twists that had been done to be able to adapt to the current situation. In beer brewing also, its beginning was not what is still today. It was written that the existence of beer goes back to about 5000 years ago. Surely their taste is very different from what it is today. What they do in the times of the Sumerian is that they soaked the bread that is half-baked into the water.


The result is a brew that is fermented. They then add herbs or even honey to it for the flavor. Moving to the time of the Mesopotamians in which this time they had the process malting discovered. This is the start that beer contains alcohol. But also at this time that they regard brewing as a profession that is noble and priests or elite women make them.

At the time of the Egyptians, they drink it as a regular drink and they have other uses of it and they have different grains used in brewing.

But the brewing process was developed by the Germans and they no longer used the bread in the process. There have been challenges of beer existence due to the events happened but it has survived and it became popular especially when advertisements were generated for it. You can now see different brands who produced beer having different types also. You can find breweries who are still in business that can date back to long years ago.