Facts and types of beers and those who makes them

Drinking beer is already a norm even a long time ago. You can read in the infographic below that even pilgrim who traveled have the beer as their beverage and they stopped traveling because they have no more beer to drink. From the ancient times in the times of the Sumerians to Egyptians, beer has been consumed. The process used before was now changed and so there is also a change in taste. Now, many types are available and you can choose the one with alcohol or no alcohol content.

You can know many things in the infographic like the types of beer and also some facts. The list also of breweries is listed and you can know some information about them. The key ingredients also are common and that it includes hops, yeast, and the malt. Those who have the most consumption is also shown so you can know about it. It is interesting to know some facts on beer before when it is considered as illegal in many places still.

In the United States, beer is not accepted as an allowable drink at first but then it was allowed and ow it is one of the common beverage that is being bought even in small stores. In other countries, they also have their own local beers to drink but they also like the ones produced from other countries. But there are many already who locally produced just like in the United States. The brewers might increase and expand.