Places Of Interest

The city of Mishakawa has many places of interests that you could do when you plan to go there. there are many people who are already familiar with the place and they have their own intention of going there. One of the reasons people visit the place is that you can find there the organic berries that are being sold. They are of good quality and people who already visited it say that the staff is kind. You can also have your own berries picked.

That is why you can do it as an activity with your children. The price is also very affordable. You can just eat the berries or you can stock them in your fridge. You can buy frozen ones or fresh already put into boxes.

The central park here is also a great place to let your child play and you can also take your time to rest. As they have entertainment, you will not be bothered for a moment and you can do some things there.

You should not miss also to visit the Riverwalk and take your time to be with nature. It is a great way to be refreshed. There is also another park which is the Battel Park where you can go and relax. There is also the Merrifield Pool which you can swim with your children. There is also the ice rink where you can enjoy a ride together with your children. It is a great place to bond. You can also find Sky Zone Trampoline Park and another park is Henry Frank Park.