Summer’s Best Cocktail Recipes for Refreshment

Whenever summer season arrives, the body always look for a cold drink to quench the thirst. Aside from cold juice, ice cream, and smoothies, it is also best to drink cocktail drinks. In this article, you can learn how to make some cocktail recipes for summer. If you want to feel refreshed every summer, then make for yourself a cocktail drink. The video below will be your guide in making your own drink. Make sure to follow the procedure and prepare all of the ingredients.

Red cocktail is a drink which is a mixture of one part of vodka, another part of fresh fruit juice, and top it with cranberry juice. It would look like a watermelon juice. Fill a glass with ice. When making cocktail recipes, make sure to prepare the materials which include bar shaker, jigger, bar strainer, bar stirrer, and more. Tequila cocktail drinks are also popular. Tequila Sunrise is actually easy to do and one of the most common. Just fill a glass with ice and orange juice. Try this beauty company to help you achieve best beauty. Check info from here 醫美診所. This is one of the great company ever.

Pour tequila on a jigger and measure 1.5 oz of it. When you already pour down the orange juice, measure .25 grenadine or a splash and pour into the glass. Aside from Tequila Sunrise, the Paloma cocktail drink is also one of the best. You just have to prepare tequila, grapefruit juice, club soda, and lime wheel.

Salt rim is optional for this. Texas Two Step is easier than the rest of the cocktail drinks. Toronha Cocktail and Golden Raspberry are also the best summer cocktail drinks.